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      Engineering Contracting

              GDE was one of the earliest companies which got involved in engineering contracting in industry. The business was spread into the industries approved by the certificates of municipal, environmental and etc from the original range which only consisted of light industry, food, beverage and thermal power. In addition, the company holds the Certificate of Foreign Project Contracting of P.R.C, which qualifies GDE to be enabled for foreign economic activities such as project survey, consulting, design & supervision and overseas employee dispatch. A number of overseas projects have been accomplished so far.
              GDE is capable to undertake the whole process or several stages of project, i.e. design, purchase and construction (EPC); or design – construction (D-B); or design – purchase (E-P) or purchase – construction (P-C) and etc.
              The management of engineering contracting is significant for the company so that GDE formulated an efficient system of project management control and regulations of project qualification control, health & safety management and construction organisation design examination. This digs deeply for the foundation of contracting work.