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      Engineering Design

              GDE possesses design certificates of various industries including electronics & communication, textile, municipal, construction, environment, agriculture & forestry, chemical, petrochemical, medical, electrical, machinery, commercial grain, building material, pressure vessel & pipe and etc.
              Since the establishment, GDE has accomplished over 5000 large and medium design projects in industries such as sugar, beer, new energy & environment, food & beverage, bio-fermentation, chemical & medicine, papermaking, electronics, alcohol, commercial grain, power plant, building material, machinery, municipal, civil building, interior decoration, city planning, pressure vessel & pipe and etc. There were 40 overseas projects in over 20 countries. Furthermore, the company has obtained over 300 Excellent Engineering Design Awards in national, ministerial and provincial level.
              GDE has been taking the management of engineering design seriously and formulated an efficient system of design control to offer the 1st class level professional services for customers all over the world.