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      General Manager of Sichuan Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Investment Co., Ltd, Chen Tingbin And His Delegation Visited GDE Edit Date:2021/12/13

             On 13th December, General Manager of Sichuan Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Investment Co., Ltd, Chen Tingbin and his delegation visited GDE and had conversation with the Secretary of Party Committee of GDE and General Manager Luo Jun, Deputy General Manager Li Fang, Deputy General Manager Zhu Cheng and relevant department heads.

             During the conversation, Luo Jun, on behalf of the company, warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Chen and his delegation, and introduced GDE’s domestic waste to energy projects, and expressed the expectation of joint cooperation in related fields in the future. The personnel, in charge of BIM center and General Contracting Management Department introduced the application of full-discipline and full-process BIM forward engineering, as well as situations about general contracting and project supervision respectively.

             After listening to the introduction to GDE, Mr. Chen and his delegation stated they had a more comprehensive, in-depth understanding on GDE as well as a clearer positioning for fields of future cooperation. He pointed out that GDE had a wealth of experience and outstanding advantage on the development of environmental protection industry and the overseas market. He hoped to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with GDE in the future in the field of environmental protection and of any appropriate to achieve deep integration and to create a new developing picture.

             Before the conversation, Mr. Chen’s delegation visited the company’s office environment and project exhibition hall accompanied by the company leaders.